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How to become a professional photographers?

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  • How to take amazing professional photos
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  • How to edit photos and videos
  • How to compose images with background
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Portrait photography

This is the most popular type of photography. Portrait photography aims to capture soul and personality, within unique faces. If you want to become an expert in this profile you have to make clients feel natural and relaxed, for authentic photos.


Fashion photography

One of the most in demand industries requires professionally taken photos. Learn how to showcase and glamorize clothes, accessories and shoes to make them more attractive to clients. Get highly creative in making appealing images.


Architectural Photography

Photograph the interior and exterior designs of buildings. Emphasize interesting structure and colors, by learning how to work with natural light. There are many tools that can help you, such as tripods, lens and other materials.

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How to become a professional photographers

While visiting our courses, you will learn:

  • 1. How to create a professional portfolio that your future employers will love.
  • 2. Every trick you need to be a great photographer.
  • 3. How and where to sell images if you want to have profits.
  • 4. How to make an audience that interacts and shares your work.
and much more!
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Photography is the language of the soul

Tell your own visual story.

Humberto Gerhold
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Frequently asked questions

Do you have to edit all photos

Usually, yes. Editing makes photos look better and put together. Some photographers prefer to keep their photos simple and others adjust them a little. This is all based on personal preferences. There are also artists who love to be more artistic with their editing.

How do I learn how to pose

Posing is art on its own. There is no magic trick behind it, all you have to do is be yourself and love the camera. A lot of famous models are part of this industry, only because they know how to be authentic without trying hard.

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For me, photography has been an effective tool for expanding my experiences and background. - Rusty H.

Due to eye-catching photos I have been successfully promoting the products I sell in a more professional way.-Tatum K

Working with Inipic gave me exactly what I needed, the ability to make a great first presence online and not to be afraid of interacting with my audiences. - Sigmund C.

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